Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Monmouth Coffee Company - oh my!

I love a good cup of coffee, and since moving to London I've become increasingly snobby about the quality of my caffeine fix. With the abundance of fantastic coffee shops across the capital (Workshop Coffee Co and Caravan are two of my favourites), Starbucks just can't compete anymore, and I'm constantly on the lookout for new and better things.

One place I've been meaning to try forever is the Monmouth Coffee Company, so when I passed through Seven Dials this weekend I took my chance, and dragged my friend inside to check it out.

There was a slight line for a table, but after queueing for close to 45 mins at The Breakfast Club that morning I had become accustomed to the idea of waiting, and it wasn't too long until we were squeezed into a corner booth (a space which we shared - somewhat too intimately - with two other groups).

It wasn't the comfiest spot...but the coffee more than made up for it. I enjoyed my first latte so much I had to order another one: smooth, rich and ridiculously creamy (no skinny milk here...), it definitely lived up to the hype.

The expansive bowl of crumbly brown sugar on the table was another highlight for me: deep brown with a gorgeous, almost treacly flavour, you can actually buy bags of this exquisite dulce sugar at the counter. Sprinkled liberally over my coffee, it melted into the thin layer of froth, transforming into a beautiful golden caramel...mmmm.

At the moment there are three branches of the Monmouth Coffee Company across London - Covent Garden, Borough and Bermondsey. Hopefully their popularity will result in a few more springing up across London (somewhere along my commute in to work would be ideal!)

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