Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Mishkins, Fishdog and Meringue Girls @ FEAST

After stuffing our faces at Ceviche, we made our way around the rest of the stands at FEAST: we didn't have much room left after the stew, meat skewers, and ceviche we'd already eaten, so we had to choose carefully...

The salt beef muffins at Mishkins were too good to pass up on - soft doughy English muffins, buttered and toasted on the griddle, were filled with tender flaking hunks of salt beef, and finished off with a smear of tasty pickle salsa and a drizzle of fiery mustard...lovely.

We passed up on Big Apple hotdogs in favour of a Hix 'Fish Dog'. Served in a soft bun with a dollop of tasty minted mushy peas and some tartare sauce for good measure, this was basically a very posh (and very tasty) fishfinger sandwich.

A hot, golden, flakey fillet of fish...mmmm

We ended our 'FEAST-ing' with a visit to the stunning Meringue Girls stall, where the incredible boozy winter Eton mess quickly became the highlight of my evening.

So pretty!

In addition to the best meringues I have ever tasty (soft, chewy and crunchy, in perfect measure - I regret not buying a big boxful to take home with me!), this festive dish boasted segments of cointreau-soaked clementine, pomegranate seeds, flurries of whipped cream, dehydrated raspberry pieces, and crushed pistachio nuts. 

Boozy winter Eton mess, on the left - just WOW
And just for the road, a couple of pictures of the uber-cool FEAST venue; the dis-used North London Mail Centre in Angel..

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