Sunday, 16 December 2012

Exmouth Arms

The Exmouth Arms is one of my favourite local pubs. Situated midway down Exmouth Market, this green-tiled haven is a great place to grab a drink after a meal at one of the many neighbouring eateries, and - with a wide collection of excellent beers and a fantastic bar menu - is equally worthy of a visit in itself.

The highlight of a trip to the Exmouth Arms has got to be the sliders. The buns (from the esteemed Harvey Rinkoff bakery) are superb - soft and gloriously squishy - and the broad and oft-changing array of innovative fillings will keep you going back for more. (See the menu below for the impressive selection on our last visit).

We decided to try the beef brisket, venison, and thai prawn sliders: all were excellent (the beef brisket - tender flakes of slow-cooked meat drenched in a beautiful salsa - was especially good). At £6.50 for three, they make a great light dinner - or,  shared, a tasty snack - and are infinitely more exciting than a bowl of chips or a packet of prawn cocktail crisps.

 Not the best picture!

Aside from the excellent beer and tasty bar snacks, the best thing about the Exmouth Arms is the atmosphere, which strikes a perfect balance between lively and laid back. It's always busy - but in  a 'groups of people getting together for a relaxed drink' way (no blaring music or obscenely long bar queues here). Basically, it's just how a local pub should be, and if you live nearby (or are just passing through), I highly recommend checking it out.

Monday evening at 6pm - it filled up pretty quickly after this