Monday, 10 December 2012

Ceviche @ FEAST

I've heard a lot of good things about Ceviche (the hot new Peruvian restaurant which opened in Soho earlier this year), so I was pretty excited to see their name on the list of restaurants at last weekend's FEAST event.

The FEAST venue - a derelict Royal Mail building in Angel - was incredibly atmospheric: packed with food stalls (and with Christmas trees and lanterns lending a festive vibe), the place was thronged with happy foodies, wrapped up tight against the cold and tucking into steaming plates of everything from mac and cheese to cassoulet.

My boyfriend and I headed straight to the Ceviche stall, and - unable to pick just one dish - decided to try a bit of everything. My shotglass of ceviche (a mere £3) was incredibly good. Slivers of raw sea bass and finely sliced octopus paired beautifully with red onion, cubes of sweet potato and tasty kernels of choclo corn, all drenched in the exquisitely citrusy 'tigers milk' dressing.

The Andean pork and potato stew (£5) was also delicious. Topped with gorgeous hunks of crispy pork belly and a dollop of sour cream, this was a very filling dish: packed with potatoes, peanuts, chocolate, and big chunks of meat, it was a proper winter warmer - perfect for warding off the cold on the chilly December evening.

Clockwise from top left: Andean pork and potato stew, BBQ beef anticuchos, and sea bass ceviche

After the success of the ceviche and the stew, the beef anticuchos were a bit disappointing. It seemed to be an issue of cooking rather than ingredients, as the meat - while beautifully flavoured from the tasty chilli and garlic marinade - was slightly cold and chewy (although this is perhaps only to be expected when cooking in a derelict building rather than the usual kitchen environs!). All in all, though, despite this minor quibble, we were very impressed, and I'm definitely keen to visit the restaurant for more Peruvian delights!
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