Sunday, 2 December 2012

Greenwich Market

Until my brother moved there earlier this year, I'd never really explored South-East London - living up in Angel, it always seemed so very far away; definitely not somewhere I would go for a quick bite to eat.

In actual fact -  as I found the other weekend - a 45 minute cycle (over London Bridge and down Old Kent Road, passing through gritty New Cross and nipping through Deptford) will take you to Greenwich: just enough of a work-out to build up an appetite for a hearty lunch at Greenwich Market...
[I know, I'm obsessed - but cycling really is the best way to get about in London!]

Me and my day-glo cycling jacket: a love story

Situated in a covered building just a few minutes walk from Greenwich Park, Greenwich Market is home to a wide range of different food stalls (alongside numerous stands selling goodies of the non-edible variety). With so many different things on offer, it was hard to decide what to have. Food markets always give me a slight feeling of anxiety - I'm scared that I'll choose something, then see something even more delicious at another stall -  so I had a good browse before making my decision!

My brother went for a lamb and halloumi wrap from a Middle Eastern stand. While this looked pretty tasty, I was drawn away by the delicious scents of roasting meat to a stall serving up slabs of roast beef - either in a sandwich, or with 'all the trimmings' (except, for some reason, for vegetables, of which there were none: not for the health-conscious!).

Being a greedy individual, I obviously went for the latter... For a mere £6, I received a hefty portion of tender roast beef, a pile of small, crisp-shelled roast potatoes, and a fluffy yorkshire pudding, all drenched in a rich rosemary and onion gravy. It would have been nice to have a few carrots or peas, and a couple of my potatoes were a bit under-done, but aside from that, this was excellent. 

I completed my meal with a big dollop of horseradish sauce and mustard from the selection of squeezy bottles on the counter, before wandering over with my brother to eat on the green in front of the observatory. Lovely.