Tuesday, 4 September 2012

After-work drinks at Madison

One day earlier this summer - after unrelenting weeks of rain - the sun came out...

...and, jumping at the chance to finally have a few out-of-doors, after-work drinks, a bunch of us headed to Madison, for (slightly overpriced) drinks on its fantastic roof terrace, overlooking St Paul's cathedral.

While the drinks were nothing out-of-the-ordinary (the usual, pricey City fare...and as the boys were quick to complain, the beer did not come in pints), the location was fantastic, and despite the 10,000 or so other people who seemed to have had the same idea as us (no joke - we had to go down to the basement in the lift in order to get to the top, as every 'up' lift was wedged full), with the fresh air and amazing views, it still didn't feel too crowded. Perhaps - if the sun comes out again this side of winter -  we'll go back for some tapas...

Photo, from a more atmospheric-ally cloudy day

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