Wednesday, 14 November 2012

My lunch: Adobo

I'm on holiday in Malaysia at the moment, working my way up the West coast and soaking up a bit of winter sunshine (I'm lying next to the pool as I write this :)). Malaysia is incredibly multi-cultural, with authentic Chinese, Indian, Thai and Japanese dishes readily available alongside the traditional Malaysian cuisine. Three days in, and I've already tried lots of delicious new things, so I should have some interesting posts to put up very soon - until then, I'll clear a bit of the backlog from my draft folder...

Adobo is in Holborn, a bit out of my usual lunchtime foraging range. I happened upon it on my way back from a meeting the other week. It was 2.30pm, a good hour or two past my usual lunch time, and I was absolutely ravenous... Lured in by the gorgeous smell of grilled meats and Mexican spices emanating from the door, I decided to stop for a bite to eat (at this point I needed something a bit more substantial than a simple sandwich!)

Like many similar Mexican venues (Chilango or Poncho 8, for example), Adobo has a build-your-own style menu - you pick your base (burrito, taco, or salad box), and choose between various toppings to create your perfect personalised dish.

I opted for the salad box. On my base of salad leaves I then added a scoop of black beans, a layer of 'fajita' peppers and onions, tasty chunks of grilled chicken, a dollop each of rich, creamy guacamole sour cream and mild tomato salsa, and finally an extra sprinkling of sweet corn salsa (which the nice guy behind the counter threw in for free).

I don't know if my extreme hunger could have influenced my judgement here...but it was SO good. The chicken was fantastic, and the combination of flavours and textures made for an interesting and extremely satisfying lunch. I just wish there was one nearer my office so I could make it a regular thing.

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