Friday, 9 November 2012

Back to Burger & Lobster - Big boys and a group reservation

I've already written about Burger & Lobster here, so I won't repeat myself in this post (to sum up: gorgeous lobsters, good value, garlic-lemon butter, YUM).

However, I went to the Soho branch the other week with a larger group, and thought it might be updating my review. Thanks to a reservation system which allows groups of six and above to book in advance, we were able to skip the queues at the door and go straight to our table. For a 6.30pm slot on a Wednesday (they didn't have anything available later on) I had to book three weeks in advance - not too bad given its popularity.

Apparently the new Clerkenwell branch (which opened on St John Street a few weeks ago) also takes reservations, so this should make it easier to get a spot. And with rumours of a fourth venue being opened in the City at some point in the New Year, the days of queuing could soon be a thing of the past.

While our group all opted for grilled lobsters, quite a few people around us were eating burgers. Ignoring the obvious downside of subsidising the lobster-eaters with an over-priced burger, they did look - and smell - very good, and I do want to try one out (as well as the lobster rolls) when I visit the Clerkenwell branch.

Something I didn't notice on my last visit was the fact you can get lobsters in a variety of sizes: the standard 1 1/2lbs £20 offering is (apparently) 'small'; £30 will get you a 2lb 'medium' (although one of our party ordered this, and it didn't seem noticeably larger); or if you're feeling especially flush (and hungry!), you could order something even larger from the catch of the day.

It was a great place for a group meal, and I would definitely recommend taking advantage of the reservation system and going with a larger party. Booking in advance took a lot of the stress away (who doesn't hate waiting hours for their food?) - plus you get to feel like a bit of a VIP when you strut to the front of the queue!

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