Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Tasty pizza at Santore, Exmouth Market

Another gem on Exmouth Market, Santore serves up some of the best pizza around. I went there for lunch the other week with my boyfriend and his mum, and (as on previous visits) was impressed by the fantastic food, friendly service, and very reasonable prices*.

 Look at that beautiful base!

The pizzas are pretty large, so while my boyfriend went solo with a napoletana, Jane and I decided to split a quattro stagioni pizza and the melanzane parmiagana (from the starter menu).

The pizzas were excellent, getting high marks in all four 'tastiness' criteria:

1) Cheese - plenty of ooey-gooey good quality mozzarella - tick
2) Tomato sauce - smooth, zingy, and super-fresh - tick again
3) Toppings - all delicious, with plenty of different combinations available - tick
4) Base - perfection, hitting that sweet spot between doughy/crisp and thick/thin bang on - TICK!

 Two 'seasons' of a quattro stagioni pizza (not the easiest pizza to share!)

The aubergine dishes are pretty amazing here too, and our melanzane parmiagana starter was gorgeous (and - for the record - huge): layers of tender aubergine, tangy tomato passata, and melted mozzarella garnished with fresh basil and salty parmesan...mmmm. Last time I came here I made the mistake of following the melanzane pamiagana with an aubergine, tomato and mozzarella pasta, and the resultant aubergine overload slightly marred my recollection of the dish, but it really is excellent.

In conclusion, Santore is a great little place: the food is delicious, while the laid-back atmosphere means it is as perfect for a lively Italian-style family dinner as for a relaxed pre-theatre meal a deux**.

 Tucking in :)

*It's hard to justify the extortionate prices charged by takeaway joints (Dominos, Papa Johns, I'm looking at you!) when you can get pizza this good for a mere £7
**Before heading to the ballet at nearby Saddlers Wells...very civilised!
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