Wednesday, 3 April 2013

More delicious brunch at Workshop Coffee Co

I've written about Workshop Coffee Co before, but my last brunch there was so good I just had to share...

 Grilled asparagus with smoked salmon, poached egg, truffled marscapone and corn bread - oh my!

With a wide assortment of tempting dishes on the menu - brioche french toast with poached rhubarb and orange marscapone, sweetcorn fritters with halloumi and spinach, and toasted banana bread with date and orange jam, to name just a few - it was pretty hard to choose. However, after some intense consideration my friend opted for the grilled asparagus with smoked salmon, poached egg, truffled marscapone and corn bread, while I went for the braised beans with salted ricotta, lemon, mint and truffled marscapone.

So many delicious dishes to choose from... 

Aside from being visually very appealing - the cheerful pinks and oranges of the salmon and cornbread contrasting prettily with the bright green asparagus - my friend's dish was incredibly good: the wonderful melding of fresh flavours and varied textures (crumbling cornbread, smooth marscapone, runny egg yolk and snappy asparagus) making it a bit more special than the usual salmon and eggs brunch option....

My braised beans - something which had caught my eye on my first visit - were equally good. The generous portion of tender beans, stewed in a rich and tangy tomato sauce, was served on a thick wedge of delicious sourdough and topped with a crumbling of salty ricotta. The scoop of creamy marscapone - which oozed seductively into the beans - and a scattering of fresh salad leaves were the perfect finishing touches.

I'll have to come back one lunchtime for the burger - a guy at the neighbouring table ordered this, and my friend and I both struggled to tear our eyes from his plate. Soft, shiny brioche bun, fat burger patty (oozing heavenly meaty juices...) and a pile of chunky golden brown wedges...Not quite as healthy as our brunch options, but certainly as tempting!

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